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Introduction to the 345 EDM machines

2021-08-23 18:18:07

345 platform sparking machine Main features.
1. spindle adopts special linear roller line rail track, smooth stroke, high precision and high load capacity.
2. XY slide rail adopts V-shaped and flat design, and uses wear-resistant piece under heavy pressure. The sliding is light, with high load capacity and high accuracy of 0.008mm.
3. The XY axis adopts a T-shaped screw, which is light, easy to use and highly reliable.
4. The spindle tube is a closed cavity machined by a full casting boring machine, the spindle screw is enclosed in the spindle tube cavity and the cavity is filled with lubricating oil. It can ensure maintenance-free use of the spindle.

Main selling points.
1. 345 EDM machines are mainly used for machining various high hardness materials (such as carbide and hardened steel) and complex shaped moulds and parts, as well as for cutting, slotting and removing tools (such as drills and taps) that break in the workpiece bore.
2. The factory processes and assembles them itself, which is cost-effective.

Product use.
1. 345 The main uses of EDM machines are.
1) Manufacture of punching dies, plastic dies, forging dies and die casting dies.
2) Machining of small, misshapen holes and threaded screw holes in carbide.
3) Cutting out parts from sheet metal.
4) Machining of narrow slits.
5) Grinding of flat and round surfaces.
6) Other (e.g. strengthening of metal surfaces, removal of broken tools, piercing of hardened parts, direct machining of parts with complex profiles, etc.).

After-sales service and technical services provided.
1. One year warranty and free postage of parts with quality problems within one year.
2. door-to-door service within and outside the warranty period, with travel costs borne by the buyer
3. Machining training service is available, training fee is waived in Jinan. Foreign charges are 80 USD per day and travel expenses are charged.

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