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Introduction to the 650 engraving and milling machine

2021-08-23 18:17:35

650 carving and milling machine main features:

1. The machine is made of grey iron casting, which is much heavier and has high processing accuracy.

2. The company's classic machine, grinding C3 screw, Taiwan-made "Yintai PMI" or Shang Yin HIWIN "H or P grade line rail.

3. Mechanical performance. The bed of the guideway surface is machined by a large grinding machine.

4. High power and high speed spindle can be installed for larger cutting capacity.


Main selling points:

1. All cast iron bed, stable, high precision.

2. Capable of machining aluminium alloy, copper and hard alloy with high precision.

3. Fully enclosed sheet metal guard, with an integrated machine CNC system, the machine tool is beautiful and upscale.

4. Own processing production, quality can be controlled well, Low selling price.

5. 6060 machining high precision, fast processing speed, good machining finish, widely used in mould making, carbide processing, hardware products in the processing.


Product use:

1. Widely used in mould manufacturing, carbide processing, hardware products processing, shoe mould manufacturing, watch and clock eye realm industry processing, mobile phone hand plate processing, manufacturing industry in the main models of engraving and milling machine.

2. 6060 engraving and milling machine is suitable for the main models of manufacturing industry engraving and milling machine, CNC drilling, automatic production line and other machine tool products. It is the optional product for machine tool factories and industrial automation manufacturers.


Why choose us:

1. Physical certified factory. Diamond member of Made in China and audited supplier

2. Machine tool design to production and processing assembly is done by ourselves.

3. Low cost, quality and schedule can be controlled by our own processing. Can be made to order

4. Can be non-standard custom-made

5. Have R & D staff, 15 years of R & D accumulation, the source of technical support.

6. Good quality and competitive price.


After-sales and technical services provided:

1. One year warranty, free mailing of parts with quality problems within one year.

2. Door-to-door service is available within and outside the warranty period, with the buyer bearing the travel costs

3. Processing training service can be provided, training fee is free in Jinan. Foreign charges are 80 USD per day and travel expenses are charged.

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