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Introduction to the D800TIRE Mold EDM

2021-08-23 18:17:52

D800TIRE Mold EDM main features.
1. It is a special machine for tyre moulds for cars, BUS cars, motorbikes, bicycles and agricultural vehicles.
2. The machine table is designed as a disc box with high stability and precision. The column is inclined 15 degrees, which is convenient for the discharge of iron pins in EDM.
3. Mechanical performance. Tyre moulds can be dipped in EDM liquid for safer processing.
4. Small size of spindle head, the spindle head can enter the cavity of tyre moulds with a diameter of 380mm or more for machining. Spindle can be rotated 360 degrees, more convenient to process tyre moulds
5. The spindle head is equipped with a universal adjusting fixture for easy electrode adjustment.
6. The processing parameters can be modified from time to time during the tyre mould processing, so that the mould quality can reach the best.

Main selling points: 800D tyre mould EDM machine with high precision and large weight of moulds, with a load capacity of up to 1500 kg, is a good tool for tyre moulds with a diameter of less than 1250mm.
The column is inclined at 15 degrees for easy discharge of iron pins during EDM processing.
The 800D oil tank can be lifted and lowered, and the tyre moulds with a diameter of 400mm or more can be processed by dipping in oil, which is not easy to catch fire and improves safety.

Product use.
1. It is a special machine for car, BUS car, motorbike, bicycle and agricultural vehicle tyre moulds
2. Suitable for segmented tyre moulds and two flap tyre moulds, processing tyre moulds up to 1250mm in diameter and weighing up to 1500kg.

The column is tilted at 15 degrees.
The column is tilted at 15 degrees to allow better EDM processing of row iron pins.

Fully closed loop controller.
The main machine consists of plc, which is anti-interference and avoids RF interference from the power supply.
Conversational operating interface.
Suitable for graphite and carbide circuits. Suitable for graphite and copper electrodes
15 years experience in tyre mould processing, mature process parameter library. Equally divided patterns and unequally divided patterns can be edited automatically.
Segmented machining with any setting. Automatic switching between clockwise and anti-clockwise machining.
Ensure tyre mould quality.

After-sales service and technical services provided.
1. One year warranty and free postage of parts with quality problems within one year.
2. Door-to-door service is available within and outside the warranty period, with the buyer bearing the travel costs
3. Machining training service is available, training fee is waived in Jinan. Overseas daily charge of USD 80 and travel expenses.
4. We can provide a complete set of process training services for the tyre mould processing system, including the provision of mechanical equipment and processing process training services, including turning and milling machine processing, tyre spark machine processing, lettering machine processing, special tyre milling machine processing, tyre mould clamping process processing, tyre mould assembly process processing. Costs are negotiable between the two parties

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