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How to use CNC lathe frame?

2022-03-15 14:03:04

CNC router is one of the most advanced machine tools available today. It can greatly improve the production efficiency of your business and it is also a great craft tool for making homemade projects, furniture and toys.

What help has EDM brought to people?

2022-03-15 13:39:33

There are numerous benefits to using an additive manufacturing process in your EDM work. One of the biggest is that it enables you to develop products faster. Prototyping will never be the same again.

Creation history of NC EDM machine tool

2022-03-15 13:13:30

CNC is short for computer numerical control, which is a machine tool system with computer control and technical realization, used in the manufacture of precision parts.

On the components of NC lathe frame

2022-03-15 11:35:23

CNC lathe frame allows us to shorten the machine tool period in China. It can be used to reduce the time and costs of production, which is conducive to reducing the cost of the car itself.

On the birth of CNC lathe frame

2022-03-15 11:08:33

It still amazes me that CNC machining has gone from virtual obscurity to something that’s readily available, easy to use, and affordable. The future of manufacturing is still bright, and there’s no telling what new tools are on the horizon.

Invention principle of electric discharge machining machine for sinker

2022-03-15 10:38:13

To sum up, we can see that the principle of EDM is to induce electric arc to melt the metal surface and form a characteristic pore feature on the article surface to increase surface roughness. And it can be seen that this principle is used in CNC as well as in other types of EDM machine.

How are EDM machines used in industry?

2022-03-15 10:20:39

CNC has become almost synonymous with manufacturing in the modern day. Take a look at any factory’s fabrication department and you’ll likely see an abundance of machines controlled by machinists.

What contribution has the invention of EDM machine for tire mould made to the industry?

2022-03-15 10:06:43

This technology was invented in the early 1973 and since that time has revolutionized the manufacturing of parts.

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