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Production of EDM machine for tire mould

2022-03-11 10:46:28

 CNC is a process in which data is directly transferred into the machine using computers. The parts and component produced by it is more accurate and have greater quality when compared to other processes used for this purpose.

This procedure is usually used for small parts and components such as auto parts, household appliance etc.

Production of EDM Machine for Tire Mould

There are various benefits of using an EDM machine for the production of a tire mould. The tool has high precision and can bear the weight of a segmented tire mold up to about 1900mm.

Its five-axis machining gives the tool great flexibility and rigidity. The process of EDM machining is fast and easy. The advantages of an EDM machine for the production of specialized molds are numerous.

The machine is highly precise and features an 800D oil tank and a column tilted 15 degrees. The diameter of the tire mould can be up to 400mm. The oil tank is not exposed to high temperatures, which improves safety.

The EDM process also produces a better surface finish. The machine can be raised and lowered easily to meet the demands of the mould. The production of EDM machine for tire mould is not only cost effective but also high-quality.

The most commonly used EDM machine for tire mould is the segmented tire mould EDM tool. It has a diameter of up to 1200 mm. The column tilts 15 degrees to facilitate iron pin discharge.

The tool can be inserted into a 600 mm mold cavity by rotating its spindle head in an automatic fashion. The machine has a large rotary diameter and is suitable for segmented tire molds.

The 1250D tire mould EDM machine offers high precision and a heavy bearing capacity. This is a popular tool for segmented tire molds, with a diameter of about 1900mm. A 12-axis EDM machine is also suitable for machining a tire mold, and it has five axes of machining. This makes the tool more flexible and able to produce more accurate cuts.

The EDM machine is suitable for turning segmented tire moulds of up to 1200mm. Its table is stable and features an inclination of 15 degrees to facilitate the iron arranging pin.

Its main spindle head is small and can process a tire mould cavity with a diameter of up to 380mm. The table is a good way to make perfect tires. Besides, it can also reduce the risk of mold cracks.

A segmented EDM machine can turn a segmented tire mould up to 1800mm in diameter. Its large EDM tool is ideal for the production of large-sized molds. Its advanced design features include a segmented EDM tool with equal-pulse power supply.

A disc table is also designed to allow for the process of small-sized molds. Its spindle head is low in volume and can be rotated 360 degrees.

The EDM machine for tire mould is designed to process large-diameter tires. The EDM tool is available in two sizes - the F900 for large-diameter molds and the F1050 for small-sized ones.

The size of the mold is determined by the diameter of the mold. Its inclination allows the pin to be positioned at the perfect position in the tire mould cavity.

The EDM machine is equipped with several parameters to control the process. For large-diameter tires, the EDM tool can be used for the production of large-diameter tire moulds.

The size of the mold can be adjusted by the inclination of the column. The maximum current during the process can be controlled and the disc table can be tilted 15 degrees. The disc table is designed with a spindle head that can process a mould up to 600mm in diameter.

For large-diameter tires, the EDM iron arranging pin needs to be at a 15 degree angle. For large-diameter tires, an EDM iron arranging pin can be positioned with a 15-degree inclination.

The EDM iron arranging pin can be edited by the PLC host. The machine can also be programmed to use segmented and clockwise machining.

The EDM machine for tire mould is designed to process the mold in EDM liquid. It has high precision and can handle a large-diameter tire mold. Its universal adjustment fixture allows for a wide range of machining.

Its large-diameter tire mold can be processed by the 800D EDM machine. It is the perfect choice for manufacturers of automotive and agricultural tires. Its multi-sipe radial tires meet the technological needs of a renowned worldwide company.

Although EDM can process both materials, it is more suitable for processing metal parts and it shows better machining performance. However, if the moulds are produced of concrete and other similar materials, EDM will produce low quality results because they are too poor conductors.

The application of EDM in this case is also limited. Therefore, instead of using EDM to manufacture moulds made up of different materials, CNC machining should be employed.

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