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Types Of Tire Mold Edm Machines

2022-05-06 15:23:29

You can find a lot of suppliers of tire mold edm machines from different places. These suppliers can be found on EC21, which is a marketplace where businesses can list their products. To learn more about the tire mold edm machine, read on! This article will introduce you to the different types of machine and how they work. You'll be able to find the perfect machine for your needs! It's time to find a supplier today!


The precision of the 1250D Tire Mold EDM Machine is high and it can bear up to 3500 kg of die weight. It is the ideal tool for processing segmented tire molds less than 1900mm in diameter. The machine has several processing parameters which can be adjusted to optimize the quality of the molds. To make the molds more precise, you can change the parameters of the machine. It also has a high bearing capacity.

The Sunup 1250D Tire Mold EDM Machine is specially designed for manufacturing vehicle tires. Its small spindle head makes it suitable for radials and segmented tires. It also has a programmable tilting worktable with 15 degrees. It can be used for segmented tires, single piece tires, or two-piece tires. The 12-50D Tire Mold EDM Machine can handle a wide range of mold sizes, with high precision and repeatability.

The major movement of the press is driven by an electric servo motor through a ball screw mechanism. The accuracy of the machine results in a high-quality tire. Its curing system reduces the height and cycle time. The machine has a high-precision curing system, which reduces the height of the mold and makes it easier to produce the tire. The machine also features a high-performance curing system.

The 12-50D tire mold EDM machine features a rotary axis for 360-degree rotation of workpieces, which can weigh up to 3750 pounds. Its Tonic T2000 encoder ensures accuracy in rotation, repositioning, and insertion into the production process. Moreover, the CUT Sp series features Swiss quality manufacturing and the highest quality flat precision grinding of assembly and guiding surfaces.

The GF Machining Solutions tire mold EDM machines are equipped with a dedicated customer service package to meet your needs. It combines Additive Manufacturing, Laser, 5-axis Milling, Wire EDM, and dedicated customer support to deliver superior performance, flexibility, and reliability. With its innovative technology and dedicated Customer support package, the 1250D Tire Mold EDM Machine provides excellent value for money. So, if you are looking for a high-performance EDM machine, consider the GF Machining Solutions 1250D Tire Mold EDM Machine.

The GF1250D Tire Mold EDM machine is the best choice for large mold production companies and tire manufacturing businesses. Its programmability and high-quality electrodes make it an ideal choice for mold production. It also features a toolchanger and a 32-electrode magazine, and includes advanced control features. The Pilot-Expert supervision system ensures autonomous operation and SPAC eliminates short circuits to improve efficiency. Moreover, the Power Control Expert continuously determines the optimal machining current based on the electrode active surface. This sparking circuit helps to obtain precise details.


The main machine of the 800D tire mold EDM machine is equipped with an anti-interference plc. This prevents RF interference from the power supply, ensuring a high degree of heat dissipation. Its 15 years of experience in tyre mold processing have allowed it to develop a diversified process parameter library. It also has a three-stage precipitation, combining bed body, oil storage tank and lift. The three-stage precipitation is more effective in warm dissipation.

The design of the 800D tire mold EDM machine allows it to process two-part and segmented tyre molds up to 1200mm in rotation diameter. Its worktable disc is designed as a disc box, while its column is inclined at 15 degrees. A good channel is provided by the EDM discharge through the inclined column. The spindle head of the machine is also small and can enter a tire mold cavity with a diameter of 380mm or more.

Its high-speed capabilities make it ideal for machining complex parts. Its fully digitized Laser solutions can texture both complex 2D and 3D geometries, and can create a wide range of innovative textures for car interior components. Moreover, its onboard machining strategies ensure that there is no visible recast layer left. Further, the 800D tire mold EDM machine is available in several configurations, including stand-alone, connected and multifunctional.


The F1050 Tire Mold EDM Machine is a special type of EDM machine. The F1050 is developed by our company five years ago based on the feedback and the benefits of F900. This machine is continuously optimized during use. It is a perfect tool for segmented tire molds. It is also designed for guide machining and two-piece tire molds. The F1050 is suitable for the manufacturing of high-quality two-piece tires.

The F1050 Tire Mold EDM Machine features a PENTIUM master class control. Its intelligent control allows you to edit the table type and create machining programs automatically in 10 steps. It supports the machining of graphite and bronze. It also supports infinite machining programs. Its three-stage precipitation process offers better warm dissipation. You can process any tire shape or design with this machine.

King Machine is a privately held company specializing in the production of new tire molds and mold components. Its goal is to support the tire manufacturing industry in the Americas. Its staff members have decades of experience in the tire industry. Their diverse backgrounds ensure that their expertise and experience in this field is a great advantage. And as you can see, there are many benefits of purchasing a King Machine mold EDM Machine.

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