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What is a tire mold EDM machine

2022-03-10 16:59:06

Tire mold EDM machine, also named CNC tire mold making machine, is widely used to make the rubber molds. The CNC tire mold making machine comes into the market in the late of 1990s. At that time, it was a revolution.

Because of its unique technology, it replaces the traditional way of manufacturing molds. It is a highly efficient and smart tool for mold making. The characters of tire mold EDM machine are simple structure, high cost performance, easy operation and reliable.

The production efficiency can reach 120-150 per hour. Its good precision and tolerance can reach 0.01mm(width), 0.02mm(height). And this production speed is 20 times per hour faster than the traditional rubber machinery.

What Is a Tire Mold EDM Machine?

What is a tire mold EDM machine? It is a specialized machine for the manufacture of vehicle tires. Its capacity to process segments and two-lobed tires is up to 1200 mm. The EDM process is done using a high-precision, low-speed electrical discharge method.

The rotary table design of this machine ensures stability and high accuracy. Its spindle head is small and features a large volume. Its oil tank has a capacity of 800D and a programmable microcomputer. The rotary table of this machine is equipped with a locking mechanism, which enhances safety.

In the automotive industry, airbags are a key safety feature. They protect the driver and passengers in case of a crash. This product meets stringent safety requirements of automobile manufacturers.

Apart from offering increased mileage and reduced noise, it also meets stringent environmental standards. In addition, tire sidewalls are the ideal place for unique branding. Traditional methods are not flexible enough to match design features and meet production targets. GF Machining Solutions offers complete pre-processing with Milling and EDM.

Sunup 1250D is a truck tire mold EDM machine. It is specially designed for manufacturing two-piece or segmented tires with a diameter of less than 1900mm. It has a disc-box design and a 15-degree tilted column. Its small spindle head is designed to process a tire mold cavity with a diameter of up to 2500mm.

A typical EDM machine has a large surface area and a programmable MPG. It has a pin head that fits into the tire mold cavity. Its sizing is usually 400mm or larger. An 800D oil storage container is ideal for bronze or graphite machining.

Its variable-height design and infinite programs can meet the machining needs of many customers. It can accommodate different shaped tires and can also handle the intricate details of any design.

A four-axis CNC machine is specialized for machining tire molds. A programmable model allows you to set up programs and table types with ease. The electrode-protected machine has a back-flush system that keeps the dielectric fluid clean.

Its touchscreen allows you to customize the settings for each piece of steel. In this way, you can produce a variety of parts and meet the needs of your customers.

Another type of EDM machine is the Sunup 1250D. It is specifically designed for the manufacturing of vehicle tires. It has a small spindle head and is ideal for radials and segmented tires.

It also has a programmable table with a 15-degree tilt. You can choose to use the same program for every type of tire. It is an essential part of a manufacturer's business.

An EDM machine can be used for multiple applications. It is ideal for the manufacture of two-piece tires. It has a worktable that tilts for easy installation of the mold. It can also be used for single-piece tires. Several advanced models have the same features.

These machines are suitable for two-piece tire molding. You can easily change the parameters for each application. The F1050 is suitable for both types of applications.

The Sunup 1250D is the best machine for truck tires. It is a special EDM machine for engineering vehicle tires. Its table is designed with a disc box, which provides high precision and stability.

Its column is tilted up to 15 degrees, which allows it to process a wide-diameter tire mold. It is equipped with a gantry machining center.
The C-TEK EDM system is equipped with a TFT LCD monitor with an interactive work interface.

It has a rotary table that can be rotated to any angle. It can be operated in three different modes, absolute and relative coordinate. The X-Y axis are symmetrical, and the Z-axis is adjustable. There are many options for this. The C-TEK system allows you to use a rotating table and a servo motor to perform automated processes.

In short, a tire mold EDM machine is an exceptionally versatile machine that can produce so much more than just molds. It can be used to create a wide range of parts and products, including medical instruments and even aerospace parts.

A tire mold EDM machine is a valuable addition to any shop or company that specializes in aluminum molds.

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